Elmer's Barrels

Elmer Laitala has had an exceptional 40 plus year career as a machinist and Machine Shop Owner. Over the last 25 years he has been machining and installing custom, match-grade barrels on competition benchrest rifles. Most recently over the last several years Elmer has been producing the best Custom Blaser Barrels available on the market. Over the last couple years David Campbell, Owner of Palehorse Zero LLC has been working along Side Elmer, learning step by step how to produce the same quality of barrels that Elmer has prided himself on. In the fall of 2019 Elmer has retired from making barrels, and has passed his business on to Dave at Palehorse Zero. We here at Palehorse Zero have gone to great lengths to ensure that we will produce the same quality of Barrels, and although Elmer has retired from making Barrels, he is still going to be working alongside us to ensure we live up to his reputation. We here at Palehorse Zero look forward to carrying on the production of Elmer’s Barrels as well as forging a reputation of our own.

Custom Blaser Barrels

All of our custom Barrels are made using Match Grade Blanks from Krieger Barrels Inc. -These are a one piece barrel, not an adapter that barrels thread into, these are as close to Factory Barrels you can recieve on the market today. -Curent Turn around time after placing the order is 10-15 months. -Order is placed once payment is recieved in full. Payment is required before we start your order. Cancelled orders will recieve a refund, minus a $500 Restocking Fee.

Blaser Barrel Order Form